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At my law office in Sonora, California, I represent people accused of crimes, defending their rights and helping them protect their freedom and their futures.

As a young man, I was inspired by Clarence Darrow and other famous American lawyers to become a defense attorney. I have now been practicing criminal defense for more than 40 years and have helped hundreds of clients beat the charges against them or at least minimize the damage criminal charges can do to their lives.

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While drunk driving, it is a mistake to think they aren’t serious. California’s DUI laws are strict, and the penalties that come with even a first-time conviction on DUI charges can be harsh, including steep fines and a suspended license. Repeat offenders face much worse.

Drunk driving offenses, too, can be much more damaging than many people may realize. Fines can put a hole in your finances and raise your insurance rates. If you lose your driving privileges, you may have trouble getting to work to earn a living. Drunk driving committed within Yosemite National Park are federal offenses, meaning that you may have a federal crime on your record.

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I represent people accused of a wide range of crimes, including misdemeanors and felonies. In my long career, I have had extensive experience with issues such as drug charges, violent crime, theft, sex crimes and more. I have helped clients in state and federal courts and have been the main attorney in more than 150 appeals in state courts.

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